Keeping it real!

What differentiates one wedding photographer from the next? That’s always the big question. There are so many of us photographers, all vying for your attention. And when you’re looking for a photographer for your own wedding, there are so many ways to go — flashy and in your face, artsy and sophisticated, photojournalisticly factual and understated, girly and emotional — you’ve seen it all, right?

As we prepare to start fresh in Portland, we’re conscious that this is the moment where we get to have some say in how we are defined, how a brand new market interprets the nature and personality of the work we do every day. We want to put out there who we think we are, and you guys will either say, “yeah — I completely get that, and I LOVE it!” or well, something else.

So what kind of wedding photography makes us happy? For us it’s the raw emotions, the gut feelings, that tug on your heart — when you see something you just know is true and real. When we are lucky enough to capture that, it makes getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile. For us, this kind of magic should happen purely spontaneously. KEEP IT REAL! Because even when we set up a situation and put a bride and groom into it, you can keep it real by letting them seize the moment and just be themselves. And it doesn’t get better than when they take that moment and run with it! Because THAT’s the kind of wedding couples we love to work with.

What do you call that kind of photography? For want of a better term, and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we call it badass photography. We like the term so much we’re tagging it when it happens — #badassweddingphoto, and we even bought the URL.

Words, words, words. . . . enough! Here are a few¬†examples of what we’re talking about — hopefully, you will see that in the end, it isn’t about us at all — it’s about the gorgeous, real, amazing people who let us make some pictures of them on their very special day.

Paul and Brenda
Coming to Portland/PDX starting August 5, 2015

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