Jessie and Daniel’s October 7, 2018 Wedding at Tetherow Resort in Bend, Oregon

Jessie and Daniel were married on October 7, 2018 at the gorgeous Tetherow Resort in Bend, OR. Photography by Portland-based Paul Grupp and Brenda Rose of Grupp & Rose Photography.

Katherine and Brandon’s October Wedding!

Katherine and Brandon were married on a beautiful Oregon early October Saturday at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Beaverton, followed by a reception at the always lovely Portland Golf Club.

Still photography by Brenda Rose for Grupp & Rose Photography.

Ashley and Scott!

Ashley and Scott were married on a rainy Oregon Saturday at the beautiful Abernethy Center in Oregon City, OR on June 10, 2018. Here is the full-length version of their wedding video. Enjoy!


Here’s a shorter, 20-minute highlights version of Ashley and Scott’s wedding video.

Mike Posner Mini-Concert – September 25, 2018


“The debut Alpha Media Programming Pop-Up, a two-day learning forum, opened Tuesday night in Portland, OR, with 50 Alpha Content Directors from around the country gathering at The Porter Hotel’s Xport Bar & Lounge. A rooftop cocktail party to celebrate the event featured artists Mike Posner and Ocean Park Standoff.

Getting down to business, the Wednesday and Thursday #AlphaPopUp Programming is aimed at programming and content directors throughout the radio group, with tutorials and discussions to motivate and educate brand leaders by providing interaction with and information from top industry executives and “celebrity influencers.” Meetings and presentations were held in the Alpha-owned theater located at the corporate offices in Portland.

The agenda includes nationally syndicated morning show Brooke & Jubal, syndicated personality Steve Harvey, Promotions Guru Paige Nienaber and a look at corporate culture from Nike Brand Ambassador Steve Bence, along with several meetings with record label and music management executives from RCA, Columbia, Epic, Republic, In2une and Hollywood. Session topics include integrity/leadership, capturing attention, creating a “just do it” culture, strategies to upgrade imaging and ad copy, and talent coaching.”


All photos © Paul Grupp.


Molli and Candace at the Oregon Garden!

Molli and Candace were married at the Oregon Garden on September 2, 2018. Enjoy!



Concert Photography Portfolio

Just a small sample of photos from the hundreds of concerts we have shot over the years. How many industry greats do you recognize?
All photos © Paul Grupp. All rights reserved.


Rosie and Dagan’s Wedding Highlight Video – May 13, 2018

Rosie and Dagan had a great wedding with a lot of creative elements — their ceremony was under the St. John’s bridge in Cathedral Park; their reception was high in the sky at the Portland City Grill, and they had a fun after-party at Portland’s favorite neighborhood bar – the Kenton club.

Here’s their highlight video. You can see the still photos of their celebration by clicking here!